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팔코 예제

최종 수정 October 7, 2020

다음은 팔코가 감지할 수 있는 행동 유형의 몇 가지 예제이다.

보다 종합적인 예제는 falco_rules.yaml의 전체 규칙 파일을 참조한다.

셸은 컨테이너에서 실행된다.

- macro: container
  condition: != host

- macro: spawned_process
  condition: evt.type = execve and evt.dir=<

- rule: run_shell_in_container
  desc: a shell was spawned by a non-shell program in a container. Container entrypoints are excluded.
  condition: container and = bash and spawned_process and proc.pname exists and not proc.pname in (bash, docker)
  output: "Shell spawned in a container other than entrypoint ( parent=%proc.pname cmdline=%proc.cmdline)"
  priority: WARNING

예기치 않은 아웃 바운드 Elasticsearch 연결

- macro: outbound
  condition: syscall.type=connect and evt.dir=< and (fd.typechar=4 or fd.typechar=6)

- macro: elasticsearch_cluster_port

- rule: elasticsearch_unexpected_network_outbound
  desc: outbound network traffic from elasticsearch on a port other than the standard ports
  condition: = elasticsearch and outbound and not elasticsearch_cluster_port
  output: "Outbound network traffic from Elasticsearch on unexpected port ("
  priority: WARNING

시스템 바이너리를 보관하는 디렉터리에 쓰기

- macro: open_write
  condition: >
    (evt.type=open or evt.type=openat) and
    fd.typechar='f' and
    (evt.arg.flags contains O_WRONLY or
    evt.arg.flags contains O_RDWR or
    evt.arg.flags contains O_CREAT or
    evt.arg.flags contains O_TRUNC)    

- macro: package_mgmt_binaries
  condition: in (dpkg, dpkg-preconfigu, rpm, rpmkey, yum)

- macro: bin_dir
  condition: in (/bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin)

- rule: write_binary_dir
  desc: an attempt to write to any file below a set of binary directories
  condition: evt.dir = < and open_write and not package_mgmt_binaries and bin_dir
  output: "File below a known binary directory opened for writing ( command=%proc.cmdline"
  priority: WARNING

비인가 컨테이너 네임스페이스 변경

- rule: change_thread_namespace
  desc: an attempt to change a program/thread\'s namespace (commonly done as a part of creating a container) by calling setns.
  condition: syscall.type = setns and not in (docker, sysdig, dragent)
  output: "Namespace change (setns) by unexpected program ( command=%proc.cmdline"
  priority: WARNING

/dev에 기록된 비-장치 파일 (일부 rootkit이 수행)

- rule: create_files_below_dev
  desc: creating any files below /dev other than known programs that manage devices. Some rootkits hide files in /dev.
  condition: (evt.type = creat or evt.arg.flags contains O_CREAT) and != blkid and = /dev and != /dev/null
  output: "File created below /dev by untrusted program ( command=%proc.cmdline"
  priority: WARNING

skype/webex 이외의 프로세스가 카메라에 액세스 시도

- rule: access_camera
  desc: a process other than skype/webex tries to access the camera
  condition: evt.type = open and = /dev/video0 and not in (skype, webex)
  output: Unexpected process opening camera video device (command=%proc.cmdline)
  priority: WARNING

최종 수정 October 7, 2020: Translate examples doc in Korean. (a07c82d)